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The Closer
everyone has something to confess
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9th-Sep-2014 11:14 pm - pic of the day
DW - Eleven/Amy

(episode: 7x03 To Serve With Love)

*got a few days free-time, so hopefully it brings me back on track
30th-Jun-2014 08:47 pm - pic of the day
t-shirt back

source: majorcrimestv.net

Mary because it's Major Crimes Monday!
25th-Jun-2014 11:06 pm - pic of the day
t-shirt back

(episode: 7x01 Unknown Trouble)

*sorry for not beeing around again - one school week and football are my excuse this time ;)
16th-Jun-2014 07:45 am - A little Raydor/Flynn fic!!
Raydor Flynn TNT
title: Difficult Cases
author: redrockcan
rating: T
author's note: Set at the end of "Flight Risk" when Andy returns to see if Sharon needs him.
Words: 894

It had been a long day.Collapse )
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