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The Closer

everyone has something to confess

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a the closer fan community

This is a The Closer Fan Community. You will find here all stuff about the Closer and the Spin Off - Major Crimes: fanfics, fanarts, news&infos and so on.

If you have any problems or just a simple question don't be to shy to ask. Your friendly mod is schwarze_ratte 

Everyone has something to confess ... so confess to Brenda and Co.

Everyone is welcome as long as you participate and like The Closer ;) We're all humans so please be nice and respectful to each other!

Please do not hotlink. Please tag your posts, so that everyone can find it quickly. Spoilers are spoilers till the next new episode airs. You don't like to be spoiled? So please be brave yourself and put any spoilers under a LJ-cut. Also we all don't like big entries, so post a preview (maximum three icons) and all pictures over 500 px wide under a LJ-cut or as a link. If you have infos or pics from other sides, write your own text and link to the side or post the pic and give credit!
Most of all have fun and enjoy! =)

header. layout. profile.

+ pictures and screencaps by kyra-s.net, princesskiwi07 

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